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Our accounting services includes handling  bookkeeping and payroll and your taxes.

An accountant can be of extreme use to you business, as the can be used to determine the financial state of your business. They will communicate critical information to financial institutions so that you may be able to access key business products and services.

Especially during growth periods accountants can help you manage the increase in new staff with payroll services. Doing the accounts by yourself is likely to become a difficult task, and may distract you from running your business with your full attention.

Creating a business plan is a very important aspect of starting up a developing a company it helps the business owner to forecast how the initial years of the company will survive and growth financial.



A bookkeeper is tasked with recording all financial transactions a certain company makes this consists of all receipts, invoices, purchases, sales and payments. The bookkeeping process primarily records the financial effects of transactions and how that will alter the business course of the future.

Our bookkeepers can visit your premises to pick up your records and take them to our office to process them. This would include all hard evidence of business transactions that you have.

Our bookkeepers are meticulous and pay attention to the most intricate details. We understand that healthy books makes for a healthy business. So, getting your books right the first time makes great sense for your business.

Make your choice for bookkeeping Candid Accountants because we give your business the edge over all of the other competition, our strip back service can keep your managerial costs low and increase your expenditure on expanding your business.