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Here at Candid Accountants we are trained to appropriately handle the accounting of all kind of business types such as Soletraders, Partnerships, Limited, and Charities.

Tax Consulting

At Candid Accountants tax consulting and advising, is a integrated part of our advisory service. We use our expertise to reduce your tax bill.


Submitting VAT returns is a governmental requirement for companies with a turnover of £85,000 and over. We are capable at doing this for you.

Business Planning

To put together a strong business plan required an certain level of ‘know how’ and experience. At Candid Accountants we have several years experience doing this.

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How we retain our valued clients

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After School Club Owner

Candid Accountants don’t wait to adjust a business the is going off course but instead flag the owner when we see sign of divergence.

We provide the best consultancy service  in one of the leading firms for accountancy Forming a winning strategy

Nursing, NHS

We respect the dedication that nurses show to there jobs when delivering care to patients of the National Health Service.


We go the extra step just to maintain the long established relation ship that we have with our longstanding clients. Often working...

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Meet Mark Akintola, owner of Lawrence Kitchen Supplies. Due to an increase in cost of material, and labour, Mark is anticipating that there will be a decrease in profit for the coming year. Find out how we help...